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Congratulations to Enpro on winning the honorary title of "five-star warehouse in China"

Congratulations to Enpro on winning the honorary title of "five-star warehouse in China"

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Warm congratulations to Enpro to have won the "China five-star warehouse" , the honorary title of the highest standard in warehousing. The recognization of "China's five-star warehouse", represents the highest standards of warehouse facilities, personnel quality, service functions and management level. It is a high recognition and highlights the professional ability of the enterprise and competitive advantage, which will further improve enterprise brand reputation.
Guangdong Enpro international supply chain management co., ltd. is a professional and innovative supply chain service company integrating warehousing logistics, cold chain and cross-border e-commerce. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been committed to providing customers with professional supply chain solutions and high-level management services. At present, we deal with plastic repackaging and distribution for international chemical giants and import and export more than 1 million tons annually. Other customers include transnational electronic products and parts products, cross-border e-commerce and cold chain business.
Recognized as the highest standard of "five-star warehouse in China" not only represents the recognition of Enpro's professionalism, technical and innovative strength by China warehousing and distribution association, but also serves as the driving force and spur for the future development of the enterprise. Warm congratulations to Enpro on receiving this honor. Wish our tomorrow more brilliant!
China warehousing and distribution association is a non-profit organization in the national warehousing and distribution industry. It is also a member of the executive committee of the international federation of warehousing and logistics associations (IFWLA). General warehouse grade assessment the national standard "general warehouse grade" drafted by China warehousing and distribution association has been approved and published by the national standard committee (standard no. GB/ t21072-2007), and implemented on March 1, 2008. The general warehouse is divided into five grades from one star to five stars, and five stars is the highest standard in China.