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Innovation and Development

Polymer Packaging Logistics Center

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▲Excellent Location in Nansha,port of Guangzhou with Proximity to Market and Direct Connections with The Global Chemical Production Bases ▲Bonded Storage in Free Trade Zone ▲Professional Packaging Team with Focus on Quality and Safety ▲Automated Packaging Lines for 25kg FFS Bags and Jumbo-bags with Automatic Palletizing, Stretch-hooding and Bar-code Labeing ▲Temporary Storage in Silos for Removal of Excessive Moisture and Powder   imgimg   Packaging Process – Highlights:   imgimg   Pneumatic Conveying System with Elutriator for Separating Powder and Material.   img  img  img   3 Modes of Packaging - 25 kg FFS bags, big bags and Bulk Fulfiller Container Loader.   imgimgimg   Quality Assurance with metal debris detection, re-weighing and spray printing of product information on bags.   imgimgimg   Palletizing with Bottom Film and Stretch Hood.   imgimg   Application of Product and Barcode Label for Bonded Storage. 
Polymer Packaging Logistics Center